Carpel Tunnel Healed at Los Angeles Train Station - Alex Perez

Alex Perez  Nov 13, 2011

I want to share on something I learned while praying for a lady with carpel tunnel the other day. This happened at a L.A train station, I asked if I could lay my hands on her she said yes and while I was commanding carpel tunnel to go she began to cringe in pain her hands began to curl in pain and shake. I spoke to the thing again and released more life touching her hands yet the shaking and the pain remained...finally being annoyed that this thing wasn't budging I grabbed her hands and began mushing her hands opening and closing them rebuking the pain. After letting go she was completely set free this lady was so touched she wept and I had to hold her as she wept in the love of God...I found that there are times we have to work the miracle for them or they themselves have to work it!