Spirit of Rejection Healed from Car Accident 47 Years Ago

Bethel Church- Redding, CA

Woman in car accident age three. Nearly died. Now fifty, still with scars on face and physical impairments. Always fighting rejection and trauma (victim mentality). Believed she would get healed when she gets to Heaven. Waiting to die. Visited daughter at Bethel over Easter. Was going to leave on Sunday afternoon but decided to go to evening worship then leave. Encountered God during worship and ministry and received significant deliverance. Drove home to Oregon after the service under the influence of the Presence of God. Slept five hours then woke with puss-filled boils on her facial scars from which were protruding shards of yellowed glass from the accident 47yrs ago. She plucked them out easily with her fingers and was overwhelmed with joy and peace. Her daughter spoke to her on the phone and reported "It doesn't even sound like my mom!" (No longer did she have a foreboding expectation.) Now she has hope for the future and a desire to live. She is absolutely certain she will be fully healed on earth and will step into greater things. Each night of the following week she had vivid dreams where she was in painful circumstances of the past but in the dream Jesus was with her. She would wake each morning refreshed, restored, revived and overwhelmed with joy and peace.