Brain Waves Caused Hands to Shake Uncontrollably- Jesus Calms the Waves - Bethel

April.10.14 (shared from Bethel website - link is on our connections page)

The last night of the trip we had an outdoor healing service at one of the biggest outdoor parks in El Salvador. Probably about 500–600 people showed up. We prayed for many people and saw so many healings, but one of my favorite ones was from a young boy who needed prayer. He and his mom came up to my prayer teammates and me, and his mom explained that the boy had a problem in that his brain was sending the wrong waves throughout his body, causing his hands to shake uncontrollably. We put one hand on his head and held his hands with ours and prayed a short prayer: "We command every vibration in this young boy's body to come in alignment with the will of Jesus right now in Jesus' name. Amen." He put his hands up, and they were completely still. Praise God! The boy started to cry, and then we hugged him and prophesied over him. He got really touched by God.

—BSSM First-year student Jacob Haataja