Unbelieving Woman is Healed - Kendra Madrid

Kendra Madrid submitted her testimony to TGN 11/30/13

I pray for the sick regularly. One of my favorite testimonies is when attending a friend's anniversary party. I had been discouraged with not great results and considering stepping back from obeying the Great Commission, but had the realization that I could get no results while not obeying and get no results while obeying, deciding I would prefer the latter. LOL.

At the party, I asked the lady next to me in line for food how she was doing. She described how bad her knees hurt and how they prevented her from doing much of anything anymore. I told her it was God's will to heal her and asked if I could pray for her. She said she didn't believe in God anymore. I told her that was okay, He still loved her. She told me I could pray later, after she ate. When I was about ready to leave the party, I approached her again and asked if I could pray for her. We sat down, I placed my hands on her knees, she exclaimed that she felt warmth, I said a short prayer, and shortly left the party.

I didn't know her name and I never thought about her again. A couple days later I get a voice mail message from a frantic lady asking me to call her. I do, and its her, freaking out that when she woke the following morning she was completely healed. She had been in her garden ever since!