Tumor Behind Ear Disappears After Prophetic Act and Prayer - Bethel

April.10.14 (shared from Bethel website- link is on our connections page)

The first night of our trip to Mexico we were ministering in an evening service at our host church. We were standing up front praying for people, and a girl came up to me and told me she had a little "ball/tumor thing" behind her ear. She hadn't been to a doctor for it yet because she was so worried about it. She said that she could feel it most of the time, and before we prayed, I asked her if she felt it now, and she did.

As we prayed, I saw a picture of her grabbing the thing and throwing it to God, as in giving Him the responsibility for it, so I asked her to do it as a prophetic act. As she did, it released a lot of joy and peace into the situation. Then we prayed a little longer, and then I asked her to check if it was still there. She did, and she couldn't find it! I saw her several times throughout the trip, and it was completely gone!
—First-year BSSM student, Agnes Wessman