God Saves a Young Girl from Death with a Headache

Donora, Pennsylvania

I had a fight with my best friend Brianne, this was back in 91, she huffed home swearing to never speak to me again, same as I... after about 4 hours of not speaking to each other she called me, we of course made up as all youngins this age do and made plans for me to go over and spend the night. I got up from my bed to go make sure it would be ok with my mom, walked out of my door, down the first little set of stairs and as I rounded the corner to start down the next set I got the most horrific dizzying thump thump thump all throughout my head. I sat down for a few minutes to gather myself and went back to my room. I picked up the phone told her I had a horrible headache just come on and that I thought we should just meet at the corner arcade/video store when they open at 9 in the morning. So the plans were set. I told my mom everything, she gave me some tylenol and I went to bed.

I woke up the next morning to find my mom sobbing into the phone whispering, "Here she comes, bring Tiffany over as soon as you can. I am sure they are going to need each other," and she hung up. I looked at her wondering what was wrong, as she grabbed my hand and sat me down next to her stroking my hair she proceeded to tell me that my best friend Brianne and her mother had died in a house fire the night before, yup the night I was suppose to be there. I still have not figured out why but I was saved that night. My mom and I started going to church more often than just the sunday morning service, I joined the choir and the youth group. For some reason that headache came on and I found it a sign from God although I have never, nor will I ever, understand why Bri was taken and at such a young age. I was given a great opportunity, to Live. I try not to take that for granted.