Woman Clawing Her Face Due to Witchcraft is Delivered - Sherry Evans

Sherry Evans (shared from facebook page April 2014)

(Fire Reach Prayer Ministry link for Sherry Evans is on our connections page on TGN website)

Churches need to get back to the supernatural work of the ministry!!!!

A woman that I know visited our church tonight. This beautiful daughter of God was so tormented that she was clawing at her face most of the time. This was NOTHING like the way I remembered her, so I asked her how she was. She told the story of how she got caught up in witchcraft through involvement in a church that was really a cult.

In 10 to 15 minutes of deliverance ministry she was FREE! She went from clawing at her face in torment to dancing, worshiping, and laughing in the presence of God! SOOO precious!

Here's the sad part, though. She had left that cult, and had been going to counseling at her new Pentecostal church for 3 months! It seems that they did not think to take her through deliverance.

Hey, guys, let's get on with the family business of destroying the works of the enemy and setting the captives free!

By the way, I don't say this in order to show that I am better than others. In fact, I have LOTS of different areas to grow in!