Stomach Cancer and Death Commanded to Leave in Jesus Name - Don Allen

Don Allen (shared with TGN on facebook message April 2014)

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  • At the time, we had been holding healing school at a local church for a couple of years. A childhood friend discovered our meetings and came one evening. She came on behalf of her friend who lived 3 hours away who was a mother of two and had been diagnosed with stomach cancer. She was hoping to have her friend come and attend with her soon. As the weeks went on, the cancer progressed.

  • Then we did not hear anything for about a month until one Sunday night, my phone rang and our friend was one the other end, her report was, " She had been given 72 hours to live." I asked when was this report given? She told me 76 hours ago. We jumped in the car and drove to Kansas immediately.

  • Upon our arrival, we walked into the home and there was a woman propped up on a couch wearing a hospital gown who looked like a perfect picture of death. Hair falling out, about 90 lbs, gray skin and the smell, oh, the smell of death filled the room.

  • There was also another woman there who was lighting incense and doing something, I'm not sure but we quickly invited her to leave the house. We told her, " not to be rude but we are here to save someone's life, not to make friends, so please leave and take your stuff with you."

  • On the other couch was this woman's 14 yr old daughter, who was sitting there watching her mother die. The youngest child was in bed and the dad was just walking around as though he didn't know what to do. We noticed that the cancer had burst through her skin and was oozing out onto her gown. This lady was unresponsive and barely breathing with her eyes rolled back in her head. Our friend was there as well. So I sat on one side and Matt sat on the other. The young daughter sat there watching. She seemed angry and hurt. I spoke with her about believing and that our God made human bodies and He can fix them.

  • She informed me that the day before, she had to make all the funeral arrangements because her dad couldn't do it. I informed her that then she could be the one to call and cancel them!

  • We began to pray and speak to that cancer and the evil behind it and all of the sudden, she quit breathing and died. I cannot put into words the anger that rose up in me. Everything went to slow motion. The husband walking away, crying, the daughter sitting by me on the couch, angry, Matt still praying, and all of the sudden I grab what hair she had left and shoved that body forward on that couch and yelled, " how dare you! You live right now in the Name of Jesus! She gasped, loudly and fell back on the couch. We continued. Round 1 goes to Jesus.

  • A few minutes later, stops breathing. I got right in her face and said, " I already told you, you will not die, now you wake up in Jesus name!" She gasped again. Round 2 goes to Jesus.

  • It wasn't long and she died again. This time we all kind of chuckled! I said, " No, your not dead, you know it, I know it, they know it, now live in Jesus name. She opened her eyes and took a breath. Round 3... Jesus!

  • I said," Now that is the last time!" We felt a release to go home. She was still on the couch, not looking any better but alive. We told the family that they were now on life watch not death watch! We drove home.

  • I received a phone call around 8 am. It was our friend who started all of this. She said she went back to the house as she had done for some time now. She would go and get the kids ready for school and feed them, clean house and take care of her friend while the husband worked. She said she knocked on the door and to her surprise, heard a woman say, " Come in."

  • She walks in, to find her friend, sitting up, drinking coffee on the couch! She went on to tell her, in the middle of the night, she awoke, and started yelling, her husband ran in expecting this to be her last breath, but instead, she was sitting up saying, " Get me out of this house right now!" So he takes her out for a drive. Then they get home, and she started eating again. Then said, " Get my shoes, I'm going out side!" Took her out and walked down the sidewalk and back home. Now here she sits, drinking coffee.

  • She then told our friend, " Please take me upstairs to my own shower. I've not been up there in six weeks." She takes her up and gets her undressed and they both suddenly realize, the cancer that had busted through her skin was gone! It was smooth skin and all her bed sores had disappeared!

  • Jesus is the champion of the sick and diseased!