Back and Leg Healed - Word of Knowledge - Kara Bulgerin

Kara Bulgerin  April 7, 2013

I love what God is doing when we least expect it, I was driving the kids I nanny from a youth group and I drove up to the campus and I heard the word "healing anointing" so I pressed in and heard back and leg pain. The youth leaders were sending the kids home and I know they believed in Jesus but didn't know if they were aware of the Spirit so I stepped out and asked them, they hasn't seen anyone step out in faith like that and the man said yes so right then I prayed healing and he said it felt better and then the other youth leader brought his wife and I felt the healing presence touch her back too. It was sweet, they knew it was in the Bible but never saw it demonstrated. They were encouraged :) we can't box God and we can't box the church. The more we take limits off what God can do, the more free we will be. Go Jesus!