Healings in Japan After Hearing Testimony - Bethel

April.10.14 (shared from Bethel website - link is on TGN connections page)

Different needs were met on this mission trip to Japan. First, I got to give a testimony after my leader shared. In the middle of my testimony, the pastor jumped up and told us through an interpreter that he was healed of back and shoulder pain. I then shared about how God had also healed me of this pain (pain for about five months) at my revival group meeting. Young had felt led to tell me to pray for someone else, and I got healed. I think they videotaped his testimony.

On another day, I was prophesying over some preschool mothers and I prayed for a lady's back (they call her "Mama"). She was healed. I was told that the leaders there in Japan shared my testimony about the back healing of the pastor to someone who had called them for prayer for their back. They had to drive three hours to minister and weren't sure they could make it. They called back and said they were healed and able to minister just through the testimony they heard. Others weren't verified, but I shared my own testimony of a miraculous healing and then prayed for a woman with a brain tumor and a family there whose children all had a skin disorder. I guess I was amazed how God used me through a word of knowledge and encouragement, too.

I got really "drunk" in the Spirit and gave my soda can to a Japanese lady to throw away, and when she took the can, she became "drunk" in the Spirit. There was holy laughter all over the place. I think this trip allowed me to see that God can use anybody. He used me. I am still amazed. I think back on this trip and feel encouraged. It showed me that God's word is forever the same. Who knew a shoulder and back healing would follow me to Japan? —First-year student, Gina Baumgartner