ER Healings in Nicaragua - Bethel

April.10.14 (shared from Bethel website- link is on our connections page)

We were at a hospital in Nicaragua. We only stayed for one day to go on a treasure hunt, speak on the radio and have a crusade the same day. In the hospital, we started to pray for people in the emergency room. Some of them had waited all day and had such bad pain. One of the first ladies we prayed for fell to the floor in God`s presence. She said she knew that it was the Holy Spirit. After that lady fell to the ground people, started to gather around us so we could pray for them. That lady was healed from pain in her body, and three others I prayed for went home within that hour. Totally healed! Another lady started to shake and speak in tongues. Around 15 people were healed within that hour. People were so open, and we got to pray, prophesy and speak life into people's lives. Amazing!
—Heidi Brunstad