Revival Breaks Out in Public Square - Medellin, Colombia

Joel Hill near El Salvador, Antioquia

REVIVAL UPDATE: we went on a treasure hunt to a park in Medellin, Colombia. Somebody decided to lend me a mic in the park. I preached the gospel, declaring the power and love of Jesus to a crowd of roughly 100 who gathered around. Josh, Natalie, and Jeremy from the team, as well as some Colombians with us began to call out words of knowledge for healing. Dozens upon dozens of people were healed, eyesight and hearing restored, one man had a nectarine sized tumor on his neck that completely vanished! There was a group of men behind me doing witchcraft out in the open. They stopped and all but one came over to us and received Jesus! There was another man to my right who was spreading out dozens of pornographic images on the ground, beckoning people to come. He soon packed up everything and came over to us to experience what God was doing! All told, at least 50-55 people received Jesus as their Savior!!
Joel Hill Columbia Revival.jpg