Little Miracles are Just as Important - Nathan Burton

Nathan Burton  April 8, 2013

Hey I had a mini miracle on Saturday. You know I have some trouble with that concept in a way in that I know there are people that need and are praying for big life affecting things and family members but as small as my need was I am very grateful none the less.

I had two of my younger kids with me and we were about 25 miles from home picking up some grain for my horses when my car would not start. There we were stuck sitting in the loading dock of a mill. It is not that old of a car and really had no reason not to start but it would not.

No gas? No Spark? I have no idea...As I cranked and cranked thinking it might be flooded I soon realized there was no way it would start and the battery was quickly losing power. I had my two kids help me push it out of the way. While they were outside the car thinking how cool it was they they helped by pushing I prayed aloud to Jesus, that he would bless my car and start my car and ended my brief prayer again in his name. It felt so natural...but doubting me, I was almost afraid to try to start it... I turned the key and it started immediately.. no cranking no pumping on the gas. I audibly thanked him for stepping in even though I didn't understand exactly why he did. That was cool.