Paralyzed from the Waste Down - Healed and Doctor Verified - Don Allen

Don Allen shared with The Greater News March 2014

Two Guys and a Bible Ministries (website link is on our connections page of TGN)

  • We were in Angacha Ethiopia in 2007. We had just opened a prayer and miracle room in an abandon UNICEF clinic. International crisis aid allowed us to come in with them. They go over seas and bring in medical groups. They had taken over theses two buildings that were similar to a row of offices. We asked if we could come in with them and ride on their contacts.

  • We asked if we could have a small room at the back of the compound and also asked that once they checked out the patients, if they found that they couldn't help them with medical science, then send them to us. They agreed.

  • Thousands of people lined up, as far as you could see. We had to ask for help from the local police and military to help with crowd control.

  • As the day went, we started seeing all kinds of miracles. But the one that stood out, they brought a man who was paralyzed from the waste down. Brought by 4 crazy friends. (Sounds familiar) They could not carry him into the room so we went out onto the porch.

  • Now as God would have it, these doctors and nurses were taking a lunch break at this exact time. Now they were great people but many of them were not born again nor did they know what to think about these two healing evangelists that came with them.

  • Our porch was away from the crowds and had a nice covered spot for them to relax. As we came out, it looked like a scene right out of the bible. A man sitting in a cot dressed in rags, paralyzed.

  • We went to work immediately, commanding that body to be strengthened and to rise and walk in Jesus name. Suddenly, this man, tears running down his face, rose to his feet and took off running, with his friends right behind him, all praising God!

  • Suddenly we hear a couple of nurses yelling, "That was my patient, that was my patient. That man was paralyzed, he couldn't walk!" They were all crying.

  • After we all settled down, we were approached by these same nurses and asked if we would come talk with them that night. We did and they were born again, and then more came and they too were born again, by morning, we had gone to every room and had either led them to The Lord or the ones who were saved, got filled with the Holy Ghost.

  • With out our knowing, a reporter from the Battle Creek inquirer from Michigan, had taken pictures and reported on it when he returned to the states. We discovered this when we started receiving calls from Michigan asking us to pray for those who had read the article. A miracle knows no boundaries. Our God is mighty!

Actual photo of paralyzed man receiving prayer.

Actual photo of paralyzed man receiving prayer.