Shot in the Hip in a Prison Riot - FBI Art Montgomery

Fbi Art Montgomery March 29, 2013 (Vista Starbucks, CA)---Shot in the hip in a prison riot: This guy came over to me, David and Corey and started talking to me. I led him to Christ and hit him with the Holy Spirit afterward he open his eyes and said the world looks brighter. He led us over to talk to his girl friend who also just got out of prison and super depressed. I noticed him limping as we walked over. He then told me while in a prison riot he got shot in the hip and it was super painful. I sat him down and grew out his leg and the HS decided to rack him with His power. Pain left and he was blown away. then broke off a lot of stuff off the his friend and led her to Christ and the HS hit her too and when she open her eyes she also said the world looks completely different and then stated "this is a trip". Then started telling them their identity in Christ and that they were champions. Gave then the Mighty Jesus I am precious to you tract. Blessings champions. God is awesome. These guys were pumped up on Christ when we left them.