Reluctant Jogger Healed - Sandy Nagy, Tucson AZ

Sandy Nagy---Tucson, Arizona. I am a substance abuse and mental health counselor working in a Secular agency in downtown Tucson.

I had a young man in there who had requested a faith-based group, but really didn’t have much faith of his own. He believed in Christ as savior, but not in miracles. I had had a word of knowledge that someone had a right knee problem. That night he had reported that he had been jogging and his right knee hurt so bad that he couldn’t run for a few days. He said he was really frustrated about it. So I said, “come on up here and we’ll pray for you.” But he was really reluctant. I think we went back and forth about three times before he finally came forward. I don’t usually press people to receive either. Well, we laid hands on him and prayed and he was instantly pain free. He was incredulous and kept walking around saying, I don’t believe this! For months afterwards he would be the first person to testify in the group to new comers of God’s healing ability. From that time on he had no more problems with jogging.