New Eyeball Forms in Socket After Prayer - Open Link to See Pictures

TGN shared from facebook posts by the below people. We are also contacting them directly for further follow up.

Sheree Williams What seems miraculous to us is the "norm" for God. I'm blown away by this good news this morning... This is my friend Tahj Carrera, and I want you to hear his testimony:
He says, "So last night I finally got to go to this bible study I had been aching to go to for over a month now... In January, Amy Lee Kemp prayed with me through Facebook. God told me that He would heal me and that I would leave with a new eye. He did not disappoint. We could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit so strong in the room and literally could watch the eye open wider and wider. Later in the night, Amy was sitting on my right side, and Caitlyn Lammes on my left. I had my hand on my nose, where Amy could not see my other eye. I would look in a certain direction, and where my eye socket was, Amy was able to tell me when the new eye was moving into my socket. In the picture, you can see where the lense has begun to form... You can see the nerves as well... The bone structure of my eye and eyebrow has completely shifted." 
I rejoice with Tahj!! Rejoice with me!! In the picture above on the left, is his eye before, and the right is his healed eye. 

Amy Lee Kemp Tyler, TX ·

Last night in the meeting God gave a young man born without an eye ball a new eye. Nothing was there, no muscles, no nerves, no eye ball and bam God created. He was born with the eyelid glued to the bottom. Everyone there watched as the Holy Spirit broke open the eyelid and an eyeball filled the socket. Glorious!! Yes, that's right, a new eyeball formed in the eye socket. He could see light and I could identify which way he was looking by the eyeball. We believe the lens formed overnight. In expectation of the new picture. My God does miracles today!!!

TGN has contacted Tahj directly and here is the update from him with pictures. 3/10/16

Some of the pictures are graphic.

Tahj: "You can see a bit more white but there is no shape changes really here."

2nd picture below...Tahj: "Not even 5 minutes later you can see that there is more of a roundness and close up you can see more veins."

3rd picture below...Tahj: "Here you can see more of the definition and how it's pressing the bottom eyelid out a bit more! You can also see that there is a lot less red areas."

TGN: "As you can see there are no pupils but definitely substance (eyeball) inside where it was nothing before. Join us in prayer for the finished work to come to completion. Tahj is not the first to have eyeballs miraculously appear out of thin air. We have posted a couple different testimonies on our website."

Brae Wyckoff- I clarified with Tahj that it was empty. Here is his response: "Tahj Carrera Yes. It looked like the inside of a lip. Just completely red, nothing there. Now it's clear an eye is being formed. Amy Lee Kemp even saw it moving around."

Brae Wyckoff- Here is the response from Amy Lee Kemp who was part of the prayer team. Here is her response: "Amy Lee Kemp Yes, empty and sealed shut. He was born this way."