Calf Muscle Grows Back Instantly, Testimony Increases Faith for more Miracles - Bethel

February.26.14 (shared from Bethel can be found on our connections page)

In a meeting in Indiana that lasted over five hours, Josh Stevens operated in words of knowledge for over two hours straight, and some quite dramatic miracles happened. He had shared a testimony about a man's calf muscle growing back in New York. The man had injured his leg as a child and had had surgeries, and the calf muscle never grew in. In 15 minutes, they had watched it inflate. Josh shared that testimony, and a mom said, "My daughter needs healing. Her birth mother was on drugs when she was born, and half of her body did not develop the same size as her other half." They prayed, and her leg grew out, and she was able to walk normally. Then she ran. Then she said, "My jeans are getting tighter. My shoes are getting tighter." She plays and loves piano, but was not able to move her fingers independently of the others on her right hand. Now she is able to do that and showed her mom.

Another man prayed for the little girl. Josh had a word of knowledge about that man's upper back. He entered the meeting with a walker, but was doing squats and things like that by the time it ended.