Jesus Loves Unborn Babies - Alison Rock

Alison Rock  April 20, 2012---Jesus loves unborn babies ♥ My friend at school is pregnant. She had an ultrasound three weeks ago that showed a concerning amount of fluid in her baby boys brain. She had a follow up ultrasound yesterday to check and see if it had increased anymore. The night before the ultrasound I put my hand on her belly and prayed for that sweet little baby, speaking Jesus's love over him, asking for healing, and praying for God to use him in mighty ways. She got the ultrasound yesterday and the fluid level was TOTALLY NORMAL! Thankyou Jesus! He loves that little punkin in there. So many look at unborn babies and see them with no value BUT that baby has a soul and Jesus has a plan and purpose for Him. He is deeply loved by the King of Kings :)