Healed of fear of man then heals man in wheelchair

Walking on the boardwalk at the beach in Xiamen, China, one of our team spotted a wheelchair and a man standing up with his crutches.He was holding onto the crutches and the railing to take a photo with his wife. Our team approached to ask if we could pray for him. He reluctantly said yes. As the team prayed for him you could physically see his body moving. The team leader asked for him to test it out and he walked using only one crutch. Something he could not do before. "The pain went down 15% - 20%" he said as he is walking unassisted with only one crutch and was now 30 yards from his wheelchair! Later we saw him walking down stairs with no crutches at all! The additional miracle was the team leader who initiated praying for the wheelchair man had had a SOZO the day before and had gotten rid of the fear of man which had been plaguing him. It was obviously no longer an issue!