Child Lays Hands on Her Mother and Prays - Mother is Healed - The Awakening

Ayme Downing Mower (shared from facebook March 2014)

The Awakening Church in Carlsbad (daughter church of Bethel in Redding, CA)

The Most Astounding thing happened today. I woke up with a headache, which steadily increased as the day went on. By 2:30, I was calling John to come home because my head was pounding and I was vomiting.

In the meantime, I lay in bed, so sick. Then Trinity (her daughter) wanted to pray for me. She laid her little hand on me and thanked God for my health and for healing mommy. As Soon as she said 'amen', the pounding stopped! Then John came home, and he prayed for me. Over the next 20 minutes, my stomach ache subsided and was gone! 30 minutes later I was up, out of bed, walking my dogs and eating dinner. A miracle ~