Building Shook Through the Power of Prayer as Christian Commanded Things to Lift - Kingdom Realm Ministry

Kingdom Realm Ministries (shared from facebook March 2014)

** Building Shook ** ** MUST READ **The Greater Things**

After a Business meeting I was waiting in the line for an appointment, when all of a sudden I started picking up the anxiety, frustration, upset, sadness and anger in the room. I decided to just rest in God to escape the atmosphere, when the Lord spoke to me and said, "You don't need to escape it, all power and authority lives within you."

I decided to think that God was right, so I commanded all of these things to lift off, when all of a sudden my change in my pocket starts shaking and my whole body starts too shake, as I look up, the computer screens that are a good 2-3 meters away were also shaking!

In my Mind I start to think this is weird and looking for things around me to justify what just happened, I could not find anything! So I went back to what I was doing, praying and breaking things off the building and atmosphere. Once again it SHOOK!!!! and the Lord said to me, "As you prayed for it to break, it lifted off and the manifestation of that was the shaking!!!!"

Man, God blows my mind!

You are above all things!
The same power that rose Christ from the dead lives within you. May the authority and power come upon you and the revelation that you are in God and he is in you!

***Note: (Brae Wyckoff) I spoke with the gentlemen of faith about this via facebook chat and he still had his heart racing over what happened as this encounter shook the foundation of who he is to the core. It opened up a new perspective of our amazing God. I asked him questions about sound, did he hear anything? He said, "I heard the computers on the table shaking." I asked him if others around him experienced this phenomena? He said, "I was too blown away to look or notice." This experience rattled him greatly as it would any of us.

As someone who is reporting on miracles around the world, we are seeing a great shift into new and different miracles like this one, but remember there was shaking that occurred in the prison Paul was held in, although this one was a bit different and I would say that God limited this shaking event to one person and I believe the others in that area did not feel the shaking but they did feel something in the spirit move whether they know it or not. There was a great shift in that place on that day.