Skater Healed on the Streets of Oceanside, CA - Erik Frederickson

Erik Frederickson  Mar 6, 2013---  I was in Oceanside taking a couple friends out to show them how simple it is to let Jesus be Jesus through us. I was sitting and God gave me a word of knowledge for a specific guy skate boarding. I went up to him and asked about his right ankle, he said yes and let me pray and his ankle got healed.

Then he asks if he can pray for me, I said yes. We were sitting right next to each other and he grabbed my hand and said the Lord's prayer. Then he mumbled something weird on the end of it. He then, while still holding my hand, flips his wrist up and shows me a pentagram tattooed on his wrist (a pentagram is a demonic symbol) and starts giving me this angry look while he is still holding my hand and we are a foot or two distance from each other.
I looked him right in the eyes and continued telling him how much Jesus loved him and how amazing he is. Then God gave me another word of knowledge while he still had a hold of my hand. I said, and your back gives you trouble to, Jesus would like to heal that as well. His defenses dropped and he let me pray and one of his legs that was an inch or so short grew out and all his back pain left.
He then totally changed and said, ok how did you do that. So I just preached the Good News to him about how real Jesus is, what He did on the cross, how Jesus lives inside me, and so on. He was totally rocked. Actually kind of speechless at the end. And no I didn't try to get him to pray my prayer that's not even in the bible. And no I didn't do some 'cleansing' prayer after some heathen tried to put some powerless spell on me. That seed is solid and it will grow to salvation, I can assure you.
Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world, 1 John 4:4, really is true! The silly power he was trying to scare me with was 100% disarmed on the cross, Colossians 2:15, and love wins every time!

Fear is faith in the devil. Love is faith in heaven. Love the hell out them!