Arthritis Healed at the Mall - David Weekley

David Weekley  March 1, 2013---Today, my son & I waited for the girls to finish their shopping at the mall. We chose to sit down in one of the nice reclining areas the malls are setting up these days. I happened to catch a glimpse of someone seated to my right opening & closing his hands, shaking them as he grimaced. He definitely looked like he was in significant pain. I stepped over & said hello; I found out he was indeed in pain, suffering from arthritis. I hate arthritis, and I told him as much.

He agreed to an offer of prayer. I took his hands in my own and released the Love of God unto him. I asked him to test out the hands, and he said they were better. The pain dropped from 'high' to about a level four, but not to zero. I said that's great, took his hands again and blessed him the the Name of the Lord. The pain then left.

I told Him Jesus was not OK with arthritis. It was good to see it gone & I said it was not to return. I sat down with my son for about fifteen minutes, and we checked in with him again as we were leaving. He said he was great. I thought afterward how wonderful our God is - He loves to take us by the hand tenderly, and in doing so, he teaches us to place our hands on others in the same tenderness & power. How Good is our God?