Samurai Sword Wounds Healed - Jason Tax

Jason Tax 3/6/13--- I just got to pray with a buddy of mine over the phone, we were praying for his brother in law. His brother in law had been jumped and attacked by a group of guys with samurai swords when he was 20 years old and one of them chopped him in the hip and he went down, when another swing came toward his head. He put up his arm just in time to keep the sword from hitting his head, but his forearm got severed and was severely damaged. Thank God he made it out of there alive...

But his arm was severely damaged and the bones were cut through, and he had to get surgery. At 33 years old he still was in pain every day and even just a little pressure on it would cause him severe pain.
We prayed for him over the phone, and literally within seconds his arm WAS COMPLETELY HEALED!!!! Praise GOD!!!
He started moving around, testing it out, with ZERO PAIN, and then he started doing push ups for the first time since he was twenty years old with NO PAIN AT ALL!!!! Glory to JESUS!!! YAY FATHER GOD YOU'RE AMAZING!!
Then we prayed for his hip (which had a fiberglass piece put into it to hold it together, and had a part where there was a sever in his hip that had never fully healed).
Once again God instantly healed him and he said he could feel extreme heat on his hip all of a sudden and the part of his hip that was severed and indented was now completely healed and whole (he could actually feel it with his hand, because there was a part that was indented where it was severed, and now there was muscle/hip there instead!!!) GLORY TO GOD!!
Then he started running pain free which he normally could not do because of his hip.

Jesus You are Glorious, and I thank you that it's so EASY for you to heal today!!