Paralyzed Man Walks Again - Bethel

February.27.14 (shared from Bethel website- link can be found on our connections page on the TGN website)

When Josh Stevens was in Indiana with a Bethel team in November, they prayed for the pastor's son, a young adult, who had become paralyzed. He had lifted something and then felt a pop in his back. He began losing use of his body, and within weeks was paralyzed. After receiving prayer, he felt tingling in his legs, which he had not felt before. Josh shared prophetic things over him, but they didn't see anything dramatic happening. Josh said, "Keep believing, and keep checking. Many miracles we see happen after people receive prayer." A few months later, people had been praying and believing for him, and he had a dream that he saw a calendar that said J23, but he didn't know what it meant specifically. The weekend before a four-year-old had said to him, "You're going to walk on Thursday," which was January 23.

On Wednesday night, around midnight, he started feeling pain starting in the bottom of his feet and moving up his leg. It was intense pain, and he had not been able to feel anything before. The pain worked its way up his legs to his waist, and then instantly he was healed and could jump out of bed.

He had believed he would be healed and kept going to the gym. Everyone there knew him. NBC came out and did an amazing story on him.