MS Healing - Don't Give Up Message - Sherry Evans

Sherry Evans Feb 21, 2013

A few days ago, a young woman asked for prayer on chat for MS. The MS seemed to be very aggressive as she only had recently been diagnosed, but was in great pain, could not sit up straight, stand straight, or walk. She also told me she was dizzy all the time.

As I began to pray for her, she said, "I feel a cooling." I asked her where, and she told me on her legs, back, neck, and shoulders, EXACTLY where the pain was.

As the cooling wore off, I asked her to do things she couldn't do before. Well, she told me, "I just sat up straight", then she said, "I can stand straight AND I just walked without even dragging my feet!"

My joy for her felt like an explosion!

The Lord gave me a few words of knowledge about other symptoms she was having and they quickly left! I rarely have that happen when I am praying for someone, but I believe the Lord wanted her to know that HE was doing this!

When it was all done, she was sitting, standing, and walking. The dizziness, heart palpitations, and pain were gone. Her eyes began to focus which wasn't happening before.

This is my GOD!!!! I wanted to wait a few days to make sure that she was still doing well.

By the way, I had just gone through about a week in which not much beyond pain leaving was happening. DON'T QUIT! The next person you see healed may be DESPERATE! People need the life of Jesus that we have!