Healings during worship service- New Britain, CT - David Weekley

David Weekley Feb 27, 2013

Wonderful evening last night at Wellspring Church with Chuck Maher & friends from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry...

Beloved, a team from Bethel was ministering in New Britain, CT on Tuesday evening. During the worship service, we witnessed a number of significant Healings taking place. The atmosphere was charged with the Goodness of God after a wonderful time of worship & testimonies celebrating the Goodness of God. The sweet aroma of the Lord was truly in the air, and Healing occurred throughout the entire auditorium.

A number of physical conditions were Healed when ‘words of knowledge’ were shared; still others were Healed when people pressed into receive all God had for them. To name a few of the Healings we saw up close & personal: we witnessed pain evaporate from joints (backs, knees, elbows, necks); normal mobility return in arms & legs that had been damaged; headaches were crushed; and a number of people were healed of long-term tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

By way of example, one dear woman we prayed with reported her pain level went from a level-nine to a level-four, and then from a level-four to zero – all in a matter of minutes after receiving in an atmosphere of Love. While before the meeting she was in tremendous pain and unable to move freely, after prayer she had no pain, and she was able to bend her knees. Her only tears were now tears of joy.