Stage 4 Cancer Rebuked and Bleeding Esophagus Healed Instantly- Patricia King & Darren Stott

Patricia King

3/4/16- post on her facebook page

WOW - REVIVAL IS IN THE AIR!!! - more revival testimonies! I received an email from Darren Stott from Seattle Revival Center this morning with these highlights. They launched into extended meetings. PTL!!!!

1. Two young people led a man to Jesus and rebuked his 4th stage cancer. The cancer has now been in remission for three days. We are hoping to water baptize him on Saturday night.

2. A woman was watching the meeting in her hospital room, her esophagus was bleeding into her stomach and the emergency surgery failed. When Charlie and everybody in the room began praying for her over the camera she felt fire rip through her neck, she said it felt like a second surgery. She was immediately healed and released from the hospital the next morning.

3. We are seeing countless healings, salvations, Holy-spirit baptisms, and deliverance.

Whoo hoo!!!!!! Lets continue to rejoice, pray, and birth!