The Greater News TGN Testimony- 2 Year Old Walks for First Time -Philippines

Testimony shared from Jesus Christ Good Shepherd Church along with video shot from The Greater News

Aiden Wayne Ravila was born with weight of just 2.5 pounds. And as he was growing, his mother Wendy became worried about his slow motor skill development. At one year old, all he could do was rolling over. The family was determined to help the child, but Aiden Wayne was afraid to walk.

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Until they were invited to attend the Healing Crusade last February 15 and Pastor Sandy Weinberg prayed for him. Here is the testimony of Pastor Sandy and her interpreter, Sis. Cristy Guia, a JCGS Church worker.

Published on Mar 4, 2014 TGN Exclusive
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Aiden Wayne now loves walking, though he still can’t walk alone without anything to hold on but his mom and dad are very glad to see their son very active and always roams around their house. And the best thing that happened, their hearts are now open for the Word of God.

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