Jewish Woman's Braced Hand Was Healed - Miraculous Mall Ministry

Corrie Bush with Miraculous Mall Ministry in San Diego (shared from facebook March 2014)

Today, I was paired up, with a wonderful woman, who is as bold as can be, named Shirley! We didn't know each other, but God sure knew what He was doing by teaming us up. We had the blessing of sharing love with a Muslim, a buddhist, another Christian, a few others and a Jewish woman from Isreal. All rejected prayer, except the Jewish woman. She was telling us she was open to all kinds of religion. Hinduism was one she had mentioned.She had messed up her hand and was wearing a brace. I had the awesome opportunity of praying over her and watching God heal her hand!!! Yay God!!! The look on her face was priceless!!

We will be going back next Monday to see how she's doing and praying she will receive Jesus-the Only Way!! Please pray for Robert who is Muslim. I'm thinking he may just fall in love with Jesus!!