Holy Spirit Said Pick Up the Phone - Delta Healing Rooms - Bill Irwin

I don't usually answer the phone when I'm talking with one of our guests at The Delta Healing Rooms, but last night the Holy Spirit said "Pick it up." On the other end was a woman who had been trying to get to us the last few weeks, and she was lost and a bit panicked. I gave her some quick directions, made sure she could repeat them, and then started to hang up. Again the Holy Spirit spoke ... "Stay on the phone with her until she gets here." I talked with her through a u-turn, got her to the next few streets and finally heard her delightedly say, "I see you!" and then watched her park right in front of our door.

When she didn't come in, I walked outside to be sure everything was ok. She moved slowly and gingerly getting out of her car, using a cane to help her walk. As we moved inside, she shared with me what had brought her to us ... severe back pain and faith that God was going to heal her. And a few more details ... among them that she had been on narcotic pain killers until this past weekend when she misplaced her meds ... she'd gone through withdrawals and had toughed it out using motrin to help get her through. And she told me she didn't know what she was going to do if Jesus didn't heal her.

Our teams had already ministered to several others last night and she was the last one in. Ken and Kathy got ready and brought her in and began ministry while the rest of us finished up and gathered to debrief for the night. We all heard her cry out a few minutes later. She couldn't stay standing and slid down to the floor, and kept saying over and over, "God's healing me! God's healing me!" As she was on the floor, her back cracked several times, and all the pain left. When she got up, still no pain, and she was able to move with much more freedom ... and stood totally overwhelmed with the love and goodness of God.

Twenty five minutes before she had been lost, upset and in pain ... but still trusting Jesus to meet her. And He did!