Word of Knowledge For Arm on Facebook Page Creates a Unique Healing - Luke T Jones

Shared with The Greater News March 15th, 2014

Luke T. Jones

Wow, well where to begin with this one? LOL! Just go read the comments in my previous post (the Word Of Knowledge for arm pain) and see all that happened for yourself. But in a nutshell: A man with excruciating arm pain for one year was healed after seeing today's word of knowledge post and following my instructions to do pushups, which I felt might release the healing. Now he is TOTALLY PAIN FREE! The funniest part of the whole ordeal was that today he is wearing a T-shirt that says, "These Guns Are Loaded" LOL! The goodness of God never quits! Thanks again, Jesus!

Paula Coronado-Carpenter also added: Today Papa God visited our home and healed my friend/roommates right arm!! It was amazing how this all unfolded on Facebook from a word of knowledge from Luke! We are still amazed and he is still pain free right now! Thank you Jesus...we are grateful for Keith's healing!

Paula Coronado-Carpenter: I am totally amazed right now! He was almost in tears in so much pain about 20 minutes ago and I happened to see this post so I read it to him and he goes "That word is for me"! And he began in faith to start moving his arm every which way even in pain! He even picked up something heavy and began to lift it in pain and just kept doing it and the pain kept minimizing so he said "I'll take my shirt off because it hurts to do that really bad...so he took his shirt off and the pain got intense and I started commanding all pain to go and he took his shirt off again about 4 more times and there was no pain! I was like " Are you sure there's no more pain?" And then I saw your post about the push-ups...so he did the push-ups and no more pain! All pain is gone! Hallelujah!