Healing Room Testimonies - Flat Feet, Chest Pain, Tendonitis, and More Healed - Luke T Jones

Luke T. Jones

March 29 · 2014

#TESTIMONY TIME: Okay, so without further delay here are today's healing room highlights. Once again, Jesus did so many amazing wonders, leaving myself and the team in awe of His goodness. Some of the miracles my team PERSONALLY saw include:

--A woman with flat feet, whom God had already begun putting arches therein, felt the arches INCREASE in size as we began praying for pain in her body. All the pain LEFT too!
--Two people with one leg shorter than the other saw their legs GROW OUT and WITHOUT ANY PRAYER! All I did was share a testimony of legs growing out from mission trip last week and both legs grew out instantly. LOL!
--A man with bad pain in both hips was instantly healed and all mobility was restored to him.
--A man with chest pain had all his pain leave.
--A man with pain in the ankles due to tendonitis was instantly healed.
--A young man with shoulder pain was healed instantly.
--A woman with back and shoulder pain was healed.

These are just a few of the amazing things God did today. If anyone reading this post has the same condition as any of the mentioned "healees," test your body out right now and let me know what happens. One person's testimony becomes YOUR prophecy (Revelation 19:10); this means what God did before, He wants to do again FOR YOU!