Give $20 and Papa God Gives $200,000

The CEO of a non-profit had been struggling financially being unable to pay his employees for a number of pay periods. His son was at Bethel service in January where a speaker shared his testimony of getting free from $1.8m of debt in three years. The son heard God say "I want you to give him $20, if you do, I will give your father $200,000." The son resisted, not wanting to bother the speaker. But God kept talking to him, so he ran after the speaker, meeting him at his car and telling him what God had said. He gave the him the money and the speaker proceeded to pray for him. Just over a month later the boys father contacted him - "Are you in a quiet place? I have something to tell you." He then went on to tell him how an old friend had just phoned him and asked him to meet him in a parking lot. The father explained that when he went to meet his old friend, his friend began to share the incredible difference he (the father) had made in his life. Then he proceeded to hand him 10 ounces of gold - worth approx. $15,000! Then he said "Oh and I also am giving you a nice 4 bedroom house, fully paid for, all you have to do is move in and pay utilities." The father couldn't believe it. Then his friend went on to say "Oh and I felt like God wants you to sell your current house and keep the money." The friend then finished by giving him some more ounces in gold. The father was completely shocked and overwhelmed. His house was worth well over $200,000!