Broken Ribs Healed - Pete Cabrera Jr

Pete Cabrera Jr---I found out my Mother fell at work and broke 3 ribs and they told her she still has to come in for work but she will be on light duty. I got so angry! I called my mother and she could barely breath when she was talking to me she said her lungs were killing her. I said don't be afraid put your hand over your broken ribs and watch God be God. When we got off the phone she was laughing and she said if you could see me now. I said I do see you, you are wearing a white night gown with pink designs. She got freaked out and said how did you know that? I said because I was in the room laying hands on you in Christ. She said she feels 100 percent better and she said the pain and swelling is gone. Thank you Jesus you are my hero!