Turf Toe Healed - Christopher Allen

Christopher Allen-Cd Drinkard  Oct 19, 2011

Tonight I was at church band practice and I asked my friend how she was doing. She explained to me she had "turf toe"...she injured her toe playing football. I asked if she had some pain and she said when she stands on it! So, I told her I'd like to pray for her later and she agreed...but I went ahead and prayed right then... I just commanded and she laughed a little...but I told her to go ahead and stand on it!...as she did...the biggest look of shock was on her face and she was like..."Oh my gosh...you just did like a miracle!!!" I told her it was Jesus and she went and told everyone what happened with such excitement! Hahaha...even Jesus cares about our toes :) Praise Abba!