Deaf Ear Opens after 30 Years - Sandy Nagy, Tucson AZ

Sandy Nagy---Tucson, Arizona. I am a substance abuse and mental health counselor working in a Secular agency in downtown Tucson.

One day while praying, I thought I’d do what I’d heard so many do and asked God for a word of knowledge. Immediate I heard, “Left deaf ear.” I thought wow, that’d be a miracle for sure to see that healed! But then I forgot about the word for two weeks. When I finally remembered, I was facilitating a faith-based substance abuse group. At the end of the session, I suddenly remembered my word of knowledge. There were about 10-12 people in the room. One man lifted his hand saying he had been deaf in his left ear for 30 years from some kind of loud noise. So we prayed, not even 5 minutes and he was instantly healed. For weeks afterwards I kept checking that he could still hear and he’d always smile and say, “yes!” BTW, he was a new guy in the group. That was his first night. Had I given the word when I had gotten it 2 weeks before, he would have missed it!