Broken Ankle Healed - Eloise Edwin Briggeman

Eloise Edwin Briggeman Oct 19, 2011

Yesterday Edwin & I were at a local shopping center and we came across a lady in a wheel chair with a cast on her rt leg & foot. So we asked what happened & could we pray for her. She said she had broken her ankle & she was in a lot of pain as we were speaking. So we commanded her ankle to be healed & pain to go in Jesus name short & sweet & then asked her how she felt. Well the look on her face - all pain was gone, so I asked her to stand & do things which previously she could not do. So she stood up & said the fact that she is standing & putting pressure on her foot & can move her ankle without any pain (previously if she had done this she would be in excruciating pain (her words) she could not do any of that previously. She could hardly talk as she was so overwhelmed with what had just happened. Jesus is King!