Coma, Life Support, No Brain Activity - Mom's Love and an Anointed Kleenex Brings Her Back - Don Allen

Don Allen shared with TGN - The Greater News March 2014 - TGN Exclusive

Two Guys and a Bible ministry (link is on our connections page)

  • I was asked to fill in for a Pastor who was out of town. I had ministered in this little country church before and knew most of the people there.

  • This particular Sunday there was a woman there that I had not seen before. She sat towards the back and cried most the service. At the end I gave an altar call and she came forward and accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

  • She went on to tell me how her daughter was involved in an automobile accident with three other girls. 2 died instantly. Her daughter and another were life flighted to university hospital where the one girl died and this woman's daughter was in a deep coma and had no brain activity.

  • She was told, that morning, that she needed to come and make some decisions. To stop life support or to keep her daughter on but she would never be off of those machines and would never wake up. She said, "A mom should never have to make this decision."

  • Instantly The Lord brought to mind Acts 19:11-12. How special miracles were done by the hands of Paul that Handkerchiefs and aprons taken from Paul's body and placed on the sick and if there were any evil spirits they departed and they were healed.

  • I looked around and saw a box of Kleenex. I grabbed one and told this woman that if we ever needed a special miracle, that now was that time. I instructed her to take this Kleenex and tell the nurses to leave the room and give you some time with your daughter. Lay this Kleenex on her and believe. She said she would.

  • On the following Thursday I received a call from the pastor of that church. He asked if I was sitting down. I thought, "what did I preach Sunday?" He went on to say, " the woman that came forward Sunday with the daughter in the hospital,she was at church last night with her daughter!"

  • She came in and shared how she went in and did as I instructed and right as she placed that Kleenex on her daughter, all the alarms on the machines went off, and her daughter opened her eyes and sat straight up in bed.

  • The Drs and nurses came in and were shocked to see here there. Over the next couple of days, they observed her and discovered that she was totally healed, no brain damage and even her broken leg and collar bone were healed. She walked out of that hospital Wednesday morning and was in church Wednesday night where she too accepted Jesus as her lord and savior!