Treasure Hunting in Redding CA - Bob Hynes

Bob Hynes  March 17, 2012

During a treasure hunt in Redding today, we prayed for a headache for a teenage girl who we later found out was a Christian, she was instantly healed.

I had "green shirt" on my treasure list (which wasn't hard to find on St Patrick's day). A boy in a green lantern shirt had his knee healed.

The more striking thing was something another guy said who was with the boy. "Yeah it's weird, I keep running in to Christians that pray for me." He was healed of something else some Weeks earlier.

This is of course Redding with Bethel Church. Satan is losing ground here. This is what *should* be happening, everywhere there are Christians. I believe this also happened when John G Lake was around. Spokane became one of the healthiest cities.