Heart Flap Healed and More - Nijmegen, Netherlands

Margreeth Evers  March 17, 2012

Today I was at a party and had an inspiring talk with an author, we talked about blessing and cursing with words. I confronted her with the fact she was in a sense cursing a lot by talking about chances to get sick in the future. Then, after I shared a testimony she asked me to pray for her. I love it! She had problems with her heart flap. At the moment I let the healing power of Jesus do its work, she felt something like electricity in her body.

Later, at the train station here in Nijmegen, I was led like a magnet to two men, one of them with crutches. I spoke out the healing power and the pain was fully gone. He was very delighted. I got a spontanious hug, jaayy! :) Praise God! I said to him to act on his total healing by giving the crutches to his friend. Writing this now I think it would have been even more nice to have those crutches to show them at home, to show my housemates that God is good!