Healings and Miracles Break Out Within High School Classroom - Jack Jensz Jr - Kingdom Realm Ministries

Kingdom Realm Ministries

** Healing's and Creative Miracles Breakout. **

Today i Got invited Back to a high school to equip and empower the Kids in the things of the Kingdom.This is what the Lord did.

Left arm completely healed, all pain left. 3 Kids knee's got completely healed. One Guy had no feeling in his arm, after prayer he had complete feeling in his arm, his right knee was also healed.

Asthma Completely gone, the Girl can now breathe properly! (she was freaked out). Shoulder Healed with full movement restored. Back completely healed with flexibility restored. Swelling went down and all pain left.

I spoke about the power and authority that they have in Christ and that they can see healings and miracles also.Now they are Praying for each other!This is our next generation, lets pray, equip and empower them to see the Kingdom come.- Jack Jensz Jr.