Bacterial Endocarditis Healed - Inflammation of the Heart

March.17.13---Five years ago, I became very ill. My illness was misdiagnosed, and over a three-month period of time, I grew worse and worse. Finally, my husband took me to a larger hospital than our own small rural clinic, and within 10 minutes the doctor had me diagnosed with Bacterial Endocarditis. This is an inflammation of the heart, and the infection had damaged my heart valve. I had suffered as part of the illness with severe headaches, and had other symptoms. I later found out that this was the time that the clots of bacteria were damaging my brain. After open- heart surgery, during the long road to recovery, I realized that my vision had been affected, caused by a clot to my right eye, and my short-term memory had been severely affected. I had always previously been able to have excellent recall, especially with numbers. I had been a registered nurse. But very quickly, I had to face the fact that I was not the same person. My children were amazed at how bad my memory had become, and I could not trust myself to remember any facts they told me. I began writing things down.

The Lord later moved us to Redding, for my husband to attend BSSM. I didn't even consider studying, myself, because of my inability to learn. Yet the Lord had other ideas. He woke me one night and told me He wanted me to do school as well. The problem was, school had been going for four weeks already! I applied anyway, and to my surprise, was quickly accepted. I was a student again! Here came the challenge. The pages that I looked at were a scrambled, confusing and overwhelming plethora of words. "Lord." I talked with Him, the one who called me, "If you want me to do this, then you need to heal my mind and my ability to process new thoughts and concepts." I can tell you that He did. My hunger for the Word returned, and my ability to preach, to learn and remember came back. My vision no longer bothers me. It has been a process through the two years. I am so very grateful for the loving, caring community we have here and the faith to believe that anything can happen. I also was incredibly blessed in a Sozo, where the Lord showed me how he had caught, Himself, the life-threatening clots that my heart was flicking off all around my body. My heart surgeon said that he thought I had dodged the silver bullet, so to speak. I knew better. Jesus had me all along in His care. I am still believing for total restoration, whereby the Lord replaces the titanium valve in my heart with a creative miracle of a real one, so that I can stop taking blood thinners, but whatever happens, my heart is filled with victory and joy in the restoration He has already done. I hope that this testimony can encourage those whose healing is a process.

I also went from only being able to shuffle 25 feet to running a 10K run and two 5k runs—and being able to be mum to my four sons. Thank you, Jesus.