Stage 4 Lung Cancer Healed and Muslim Doctor Accepts Jesus Afterwards - Don Allen - Two Guys and a Bible

Don Allen shared this testimony with The Greater News (TGN) March 2014

Two Guys and a Bible ministry

  • A woman accidentally found me on face book. She was looking for another man named Don Allen. Once she ran across our page she began reading about how we meet in the Missouri State Capitol and how we have been seeing people healed there. She contacted me and began telling me about her sister who lives about 45 minutes away from the Capitol. Her sister was in stage 4 lung cancer. She was down to 94lbs. And very ill.

  • We talked about Gods power to heal and she hoped to talk to her sister into coming to our meetings. They showed up the next Thursday evening. I went and introduced myself to them, this poor woman was in very bad shape. Gray skin, bones and just looked miserable.

  • I talked with her briefly about believing God for a miracle, with not much confidence, she said, I hope so. All through the service I could see she was in physical pain and sick. It came time for prayer and we called her forward and ten others immediately went to work, laying hands on her. Even then she looked a bit freaked out.

  • At the end of service, she was leaving with her sister and Wes, a friend of the ministry, caught her at the door and said," don't be afraid, only believe." It was exactly what she needed.

  • A month later, this same woman returns to the Capitol. We did not recognize her! She had gained 10 lbs, and looked great! She shared an amazing testimony. She had been a pack and a half smoker for 55 years. She had not smoked one cigarette since she was prayed over. She left the meeting that night, with just a small bit of hope.

  • By the very next morning, her appetite was back and she began to eat. Then she went to see her Doctor a few days later. They took a scan and suddenly, the cancer had shrank. From stage 4 to stage 3.

  • He wanted to see her the next week. Stage 3 to stage 2.

  • The next week, stage 2 to stage 1 to stage NONE!

  • Her Muslim Doctor runs into the room holding all the previous scans in his hands and declares out of his own mouth," This was a miracle from God! " she was 100 percent cancer free in one month, delivered from smoking, and the Doctor is born again! A miracle settles the issue! Our God is in the miracle working business and business is good!