5 Year Old Releases Healing Over Women With Cancer - Elizabeth Reisinger - Costa Rica

Elizabeth Reisinger (shared from facebook March 2014)

I will never forget today. I was preaching at Pastor Wilbur's church here in Costa Rica as I was sharing a testimony and a 5 year old yelled out a powerful "AMEN"... I locked eyes with him and then saw flashes of the next 30 years of his life... He would travel the nations, preach the gospel, lead a mighty healing ministry. As I spoke them out he began weeping and manifesting in front of the congregation.

Suddenly I felt grace on him laying hands on the terminally ill. I asked anyone battling cancer or terminal illness to come over, 2 women stood up and stepped forward. Then I watched the most beautiful heavenly transaction... two women one with a rare cancer in her foot and another battling leukemia quaked and shook under the power of God as this anointed young 5 year old layed hands on them! When she stood again all pain from the cancer had disappeared!