Lungs Healed - Janice Spencer

Testimony – Lungs Healed
One of the first Sunday mornings we made prayer available for people between services, a woman came up to me and my team mate for prayer saying that she had been very ill. She felt tired all the time and had been coughing up blood. She had gone to the doctor and had been told her symptoms indicated she either had lung cancer or a very serious lung infection. Before they could give her medical treatment, they would need to do a lung biopsy which had been scheduled to take place in a little over a month. So I anointed her with oil and led in prayer aloud as my team mate prayed silently. I spoke a very short and simple prayer and concluded with, “In the name of Jesus, be healed.” The woman thanked me and then sat down for the service. A week later she came to me again saying that since our prayer for her, she was feeling totally better. She was full of energy and had no more cough. She called the doctor, and he told her she still needed to have the biopsy, so she agreed to keep the scheduled appointment. So for the next 4 weeks she got prayer and then had the biopsy done. The procedure itself went very well and she recovered in record time, and the best news is that they found she had two very healthy lungs without a trace of cancer or any kind of infection! Not only was she and her whole family blessed and brought closer to the Lord, but it was a great introduction for me to healing ministry! Praise God!