Jesus Heals a Man Outside a Donut Shop - Michael Raines

Michael Raines  March 24, 2012

Jesus on a Donut run this morning!
Leaving the store a man approached me in parking lot for directions. His hand on his lower back. I gave him directions than he began to walk away, i asked if he had pain in his back. He said yes. I said i can help you with that come back here. With my hand stretched out, He put his hand in mine, than i told the pain to leave in JESUS name. He instantly said, " It's better!" I asked is there still some pain? "yes" he said. I told the rest of the pain to leave again. IN JESUS NAME!
To his surprise all the pain was gone! He thanked me and began to walk away.
I said to him Jesus loves you.
The kingdom of God is not in word, but in power! 1Cor 4:20
Power and Love Evangelism!