Woman's Disc in Back Pops Back Into Place - TGN Exclusive - Mark Williams

Mark Williams submitted this testimony to TGN March 2014


We held a dinner/prayer gathering at my house about 5 months ago. Ten of us ate and fellowshipped then started praying over each other about 6 or 6:30PM. We'd all pray for one person at a time and we didn't finish until about midnight. There were 4-5 healings, several prophetic words given and two radical deliverances but the very last was a woman who had suffered with excruciating pain in her lower back for years. I didn't know this going in but received the word of knowledge When I first touched her.

She asked me to pray for her and after about two minutes of commanding restoration there was a very loud 'pop' that came from her back. I felt the disk slide back into place and everyone at the table heard the pop sound it made as she experienced total and complete restoration!