Man Scheduled For Amputation of Both Feet Is Completely Healed - TGN Exclusive -Mark Williams

Mark Williams submitted this testimony to The Greater News March 2014

On a Friday I had gone to pray for a man who was scheduled to have both feet amputated on Monday, due to complications from diabetes. When I moved the covers back to anoint his feet I was shocked - his feet were totally black, no live flesh at all.

I remember doubting the situation, thinking "Lord if you can do this you can do anything". I anointed the man and prayed over his feet, commanding blood flow and complete restoration.

Saturday came and went with no word. The same for Sunday and Monday. When I didn't hear anything by Monday I thought the man had had his feet amputated. Tuesday afternoon I got a call and it was the man I prayed for. I was thinking, "How can this guy be calling me if he just had both his feet cut off?"

I gingerly asked how everything was - and this guy explodes on the other end of the phone, shouting and screaming "I'm great! They sent me home!" Turns out the surgeon had re-scheduled his surgery for Wednesday but when they came in to check his feet on Monday morning, they were perfect! The docs had no idea what to do with him so they sent him home! God is so good - and I have never questioned praying for ANY situation since :)